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photography programs

working with our partner organisation,

the International Photography Association, IPA

for young photographers

Exhibit at the Pingyao International Photography Festival

Young photographers, aged 7 to 18, are invited to submit work for display at this year’s PIP Festival, 16-25 September.

• Present your best work to a large and expert international audience.

• Take part in Zoom exchanges with young Chinese photographers.

• Influence and be influenced … at international level.

• Gain an exhibitor’s certificate.

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for improver photographers, ages 7 to 107

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Spacetime Photography Academy 1-to-1 mentoring program

You don’t have to sign up for a set course …

… you get a FREE book, The Handbook of Photographic Fundamentals

… you submit images and get one-to-one expert feedback on YOUR work

The book has sections on:

• light and colour

• cameras and lenses

• principles of image processing

• photography with impact

• genres of photography

• glossary

Submission of images is in stages, dealing with:

• overview

• camerawork

• image processing

• genres, and finding a personal niche

• offering impact

It’s a cost-effective way of going from basic to brilliant.

Stage ONE is free, including the book. So you can try out the system before committing to the rest of the program.

The total cost of the program is currently less than £100 (100gbp).

You could try to improve your photography by investing in an expensive camera. But, on its own, that won’t work. For the cost of a few shooting trips, you can transform your skill and develop a deeper approach to image-making.

special events: join sociable groups to develop skills together

Spacetime Photography Academy runs occasional special events.

October 2023: West Wales Week, Dyfi Estuary to the Pembrokeshire Coast – landscape, coast, castles, cathedral, Stone Age sites, wildlife from hides and from boat, location portraiture with models, sense of place

December 2023: Cathedrals at Christmas: architectural photography, night photography, street photography, location portraiture with models, sense of place

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