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for global education

Coming soon                 Just Wondering

For access to ideas

and for stimulating thoughtful discussion amongst 16+ students 

 ISBN 9781 739 6515 41

Smilite is a new and tiny publisher … with new and big things to say

Need photo info?  Check it … quickly, easily

Photography is a visual activity. 

There’s no need to read long paragraphs of technical text when the same information is available visually in images and concise captions.

ISBN 9781 739 6515 72

An adaptable language acquisition resource package for young children (under age 7) 

•  a series of six books (Book 1 to Book 6) as the project core

•  beautifully illustrated by Evgenia Malina, and providing child-friendly contexts

• backed up by fun activity books 

• with audio on the website

This Is Me


•  The resources can be supplied in ANY LANGUAGE PAIR.

•  Children whose home language is ‘A' can develop near-native skill in language ‘B'.

•  Existing printed books have A and B languages French & English, and Mandarin & English. However, A and B can be any language pair, fully supported by professional translation and audio

•  Language pairs such as Arabic-Mandarin, Arabic-English, and others, can all be offered.

Immediate availability: 

Book ONE, Chinese-English                 ISBN 9781 739 6515 96

Book TWO, Chinese-English                 ISBN 9781 739 6515 58

Book ONE, French-English                   ISBN 9781 739 6515 89

Book TWO, French-English                   ISBN 9781 739 6515 65


Visual and contextual 

Physics workbooks

for students aged 14 to 16

Physipics Particles

ISBN 9781 739 6515 34

Physipics Waves

ISBN 9781 739 6515 03


See the world differently … a photography-based series


Journeys and observations in a big and beautiful country

ISBN 9781 399 9160 66

From Season to Season

An exploration of beauty and biodiversity

and of the relationship between our species and the rest of nature

ISBN 9781 739 6515 10

global editorial services

                                                           clarity + impact

Writing, design, language support and translation

… for BtoB

… for BtoC

… for Academic Publication

Clients include 

Higher Education Press

China’s leading publisher of academic research papers

Integrated and optimized text and design = clarity and conciseness

… for general audiences, B2C

… for professional peer-to-peer audiences, B2B and academic

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