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Smilite Ltd

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We communicate

• for international education     

• for international business, in partnership with  星灵美  

• for international cultural exchange

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More than 25 FREE jpeg Talk-About Frames …

… visual physics for understanding concepts, for students aged 13 to 16

Better bites of Physics

An introduction to China for study and travel

Many dozens of visual Talk-About Frames for ACTIVE learning of Physics, plus inspiring and provocative ‘physiblogs’ for teachers 

We also provide CPD sessions, online or in person, on how to use Talk-About Frames for successful active learning.

Please contact us for details. 

Video and information for children

Better bites of Physics

A fun gied too speling ov dhu Inglish langwej

Video and audio for beginner and elementary learners of English.

Editorial, design and technical translation

In partnership with 星灵美(深圳)

communication services

B2B: technical translation

B2C: transformation of raw factory details  into user-friendly guides for global customers

A guide to independent

 travel in China

We can


We interpret

Technical language

Financial language

Professional language

Academic language

for general audiences

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